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Export/Import of CITES papers Astrochelys radiata is listed in Appendix I of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and is considered a critically endangered species. Both the taking from the wild (wild capture) and the trade in live and dead specimens and their products are strictly prohibited. Restricted trade and border crossing of captive bred specimens is regulated by the international CITES agreement. Our private breeding

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No surrender without a species-appropriate husbandry basis! Please note that we give our rare and protected ray turtles only to adult persons with suitable infrastructure. The presence of a species-appropriate indoor and outdoor enclosure with garden is essential for the ray turtle's well-being. It is not our philosophy to sell our ray turtles to unprepared amateurs, dubious animal dealers, dubious resellers, prestige-seeking

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Papers and Provenances Pay attention to the following papers and provenances when buying as well as importing and exporting Radiated Tortoises: CITES Papers CITES stands for Convention of International Trade in Endagered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. The CITES paper can

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Basics Radiated tortoises are wild animals that are evolutionarily adapted to a very specific habitat. In contrast to most domestic and farm animals, they cannot adapt to different climatic zones or to ecological conditions foreign to their species. Due to their limited adaptability, it is imperative that captive animals are kept as close to nature and species-appropriate as possible. Often offered

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