Beware of thieves!

Unfortunately, in the media one reads again and again about brazen and organized tortoise thieves. Anyone who keeps rare and valuable Radiated Tortoises must expect to become a victim of greedy gangsters at any time. Therefore, we advise all owners of Radiated Tortoises not to invest too little in effective security systems. These include alarm systems, video surveillance, security locks, light and infrared sensors, motion detectors, facilities screened from public view, guard dogs, and a sensitized neighborhood. Chipping and keeping a complete photo record can also prove extremely helpful in identifying seized specimens.

However, cameras in the tortoise enclosure also have the useful advantage that the animals can be observed undisturbed at any time. Even during a longer vacation absence, all activities can be recorded and monitored. Especially clandestine egg-laying can still be detected and the clutches can be safely transferred to a hatchery afterwards.

We are aware that by publishing our contact information via the Internet, we are giving away information that could be exploited by potential tortoise thieves. Therefore, we would like to tell all those who are up to no good that our radiation tortoise facility has multiple alarm systems and video surveillance. In addition, our two Rottweiler bitches generally do not let any uninvited visitors walk unharmed across the premises...